WARRANTY ONE YEAR UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE&FULL LIFETIME WARRANTY ON WORKMANSHIP AND MATERIALS Should your new Dream Shears need maintenance or sharpening for any reason, at any time during the first year of ownership, you may send it in the super convenient pre-paid UPS SHEAR MAILER (available from your Dream Shears distributor or from the Dream Shears Service Center)Dream Shears SERVICE CENTER 1-800-669-3555Central & Eastern: 21649 Montana Hwy 35, Bigfork, MT 59911; Ph.: (406) 982 3555 Western:PO Box 755, Temple City, CA 91780www.customsharpening.comYou must enclose, a dated sales receipt, a $6 warranty registration fee and $9.00 to cover shipping and handling (total $15.00) in with your shear the first time.Thereafter, for one year from date of purchase, you will be able to send your Dream Shears in for unlimited sharpening service paying only $9.00 per package shipping and handling (covers any number of shears enclosed in one package!).After the first year, your Dream Shears is still unconditionally warranted against defects for as long as you own them.Exceptional Sharpening service to maintain your Dream Shears are also provided for you at a substantial discount! Only $16.00 (plus $9.00 shipping and handling per package)We also offer the finest precision sharpening available anywhere for all other brands and makes of shears at $29.00 per pair (plus $9.00 shipping and handling per package) all your fine shears are guaranteed to be returned promptly and cutting to your complete satisfaction.IMPORTANT NOTE: Only shears that have been serviced exclusively by our authorized service center will retain their LIFETIME WARRANTY. Only their technicians have been specially trained and equipped to hone Dream Shears properly to maintain their like new feeling, optimum sharpness and exceptional edge holding durability